LGBT+ competencies for increased well-being in children and adolescents

In Denmark, we see a tendency for more and more children and young people to express thoughts about their gender identity and sexual orientation in school. We know that these thoughts can give rise to social and emotional struggles. Therefore, LGBT+ Denmark offers a course in LGBT+ competences to professionals who deal with children and young people on a daily basis.

For many teacherseducators, etc., gendersexuality, norms and identity are topics that they have not or have only to a small extent professionally engaged in beforeHowever, as the subjects take up more space in children’s and young people’s lives, the need for competences in this area also increases.  

This course addresses how, as a professional, you can improve and ensure the well-being of children and adolescents who break with norms of gender and sexuality. It targets all professional groups dealing with children and young people, including teachers, educators, nurses, social workers and school leaders

The course spans a working day and intends to provide:  

  1. Basic knowledge of LGBT+ identitiesgender and sexuality in a norm-critical perspective 
  2. Ways to deal with LGBT+ related issues in working with primary school-age children through exercises and analyses 

The course has been developed in collaboration with BUPL Nordjylland and Aalborg Teachers’ Association. 

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