Counselling in Copenhagen

The counselling in Copenhagen is based at LGBT+ Denmark’s head office on Vestergade, just off City Hall Square. We are a total of about 12 permanent volunteering counsellors. We strive to have as broad a representation of LGBT+ people as possible, with different professional backgrounds and an age range from the early 20s to 50s.  

Our location in Copenhagen means that we can especially guide you about offers, networks and activities in the metropolitan area. 

Vestergade 18E, 4. sal, 1456 København K 
33 13 19 48 (thursdays 18-20) 
Chat (thursdays 18-20) 

In physical attendance

You don’t need to book an appointment, but if you write or call in advance and arrange an appointment, we can make sure there’s a counsellor ready to talk to you. Otherwise, there may be a waiting time, where you are welcome to wait in our library.

How to find your way

We are located inside the backyard at Vestergade 18. You have to go all the way to the end of the backyard by the grey building with 18E. The front door should be open, and on the right, you will find the stairwell, which you follow to the 4th floor. Here you can call at LGBT+ Denmark and we will come and welcome you. If the door is open, you simply enter our reception / library, where a counsellor will receive you. 

The conversation takes place in an undisturbed roomYou are welcome to come  with others if you want to bring your partner or parents, for example. The building also has an elevator as well as a lift to the level difference at the front door. It requires a key card, so should you need this, you can contact us at tel: +45 33 13 19 48.  

The advice in Copenhagen is accredited by RådgivningsDanmark.