Empathetic Labour Market

Empathetic Labour Market (‘Empatisk Arbejdsmarked’) is a competency-developing offer for employers, HR employees, trust, and health and safety representatives who want to make their organization more inclusive towards LGBT+ people.

About half of all LGBT+ employees hide their identities when they go to work. Studies show that this is due to the fear of stigma and discrimination. It affects both well-being and productivity. Most often, LGBT+ employees are excluded unintentionally and without ill will. Therefore, it is important for every workplace to reflect on work culture, language and personnel policy, so that all employees feel safe. 

Empathetic Labour Market is a program for you who want to ensure real progress and thorough competency lifting of the entire organization – managers as well as employees. Here you get a careful assessment of your organization’s improvement points in terms of creating a safe and inclusive working environment for LGBT+ employees as well as concrete tools to meet the improvements. The program also includes ongoing professional discussions as well as subsequent follow-up and evaluation of the organization’s efforts. 

Does Empathetic Labour Market sound like a good solution to you? Contact us and hear more about the program, price and the practical framework.  

Empathetic Labour Market is offered to private as well as public organisations and companies. 

Head of Secretariat Susanne Branner Jespersen on +45 27452773 or susanne@lgbt.dk