Vacant positions

All vacancies are announced on this page. We encourage everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, body, ethnicity, age, religion or abilities to apply.  

Unsolicited application

We also accept unsolicited applications. Send your application, resumé, and a description of what type of position you are seeking to We will contact you, if a match should occur 

Internship in LGBT+ Denmark

Are you seeking internship in LGBT+ Denmark 

As an intern at LGBT+ Denmark you’ll be given a great amount of responsibility and become an integrated member of the organisation. You’ll be connected to a team and receive a tutor whom you always can seek out for help and advice.  

Send an application including resume and a description of you and which type of work you are interested in. Please also not if you apply for an educational internship or work experience after end studies.

Become a volunteer

We always seek volunteers for various assignments. Read all about volunteering at LGBT+ Denmark, and where we right now seek assistance.